For Medical Professionals

Recovery care items are the necessary line of products specifically created to aid in the management of drain tubes, as well as provide comfort during those immediate four to six weeks of healing after any breast surgery. 

Available in front-closure bra styles or full camisoles, each kit includes two fiberfill weightless forms that sit inside pockets of these garments and two drain pouches that secure with Velcro to either the band of the bras or the Velcro band along the waist of the camisoles. 

Typical insurance coverage allows for two garments post-op. We verify coverage in advance, as well as retrieve the prescription required on behalf of the patient.

Did You Know

  • Prescriptions are required for any insurance-billable products in advance.
  • To better serve your patients, appointments are requested.
  • We verify insurance coverage in advance of all appointments.
  • Once your patient calls us, we handle everything.
  • We offer educational presentations to medical professionals.